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To increase your winning percentage playing Texas Holdem, you must move beyond only playing the very best hands. Bluffing can be very profitable when used in the correct situations. The following article will explain several possible cases in which you should attempt to bluff your opponent.

Bluffing and winning has 2 positive benefits, not only did you make money on a poor hand, you also get the thrill of knowing you made your opponent lay down a poker better hand.

Here are 5 cases in which it is favorable to Bluff in Texas Holdem.

1 This may sound strange but when you are playing against very good players. These players will read the board and make mathematical calculations of the possible outcome. Example the board shows 3 cards of the same suit, you raise on the river, with no flush in your hand. The expert player folds assuming you made your flush draw. A novice player would not even have assumed a flush was a possibility.

2 Bluffing when you have hidden strength. Example you are in the game with unusual cards, example 5 of clubs and 9 of hearts, the flop cards are 9 of spades and 5 of diamonds and a 2 of clubs. You have made 2 pair, at this point you only check, bluffing at your hidden strength, your opponents will build the pot for you, if they hold a pair or even Ace high in these situations.

3 If there is a large pot but you missed your hand, betting in this situation instead of checking or folding will sometimes allow you to steal the pot.

4 When only 1 opponent is playing against you, Most players will give you the benefit of the doubt if you are head to head. A sign of strength will cause most players to fold in these situations.

5 When you are in the blind. Players recognize when you are in the blind you are playing almost anything that uncertainty will cause most players to fold when you raise.

Here are 4 examples in which it is not a good idea to Bluff in Texas Holdem.

1 When a Jack or Ten comes on the flop. There are just too many ways this flop can help a variety of your opponent’s hands. To try a bluff when these cards come out on the flop is a mistake.

2 When many players are in the hand. A Bluff may drop 1 or 2 players but with a hand that was not made all it takes is 1 player to stay in for you to lose your money.

3 If an ACE has come on the flop. There are many players who will play and Ace combination on there prelop cards, therefore it would be disastrous to try a bluff if an Ace hits the flop.

4 If any player raises preflop, it is a sign of strength on any raise preflop and in most cases the player would not fold.

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