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Learn From The WSOP Champion Greg Fossilman Raymer!

If you want to access the most current views and theories by the Fossilman as well as the two most respected authors on Poker Strategy David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth go to this link. Free Texas Holdem Forum It is called the 2 plus 2 forum, ask the pro’s questions and learn from the best.

If you want to view all of Fossilmans ideas and answers simply go to the forum and under search type “fossilman” get inside his mind and read how he views certain Texas Holdem plays. Best of all this information is at no charge and to your poker playing benefit!

2004 WSOP World Series of Poker Champion Greg “Fossilman Raymer is a frequent poster here. Interesting post from many. Moderated discussion forum hosted by David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth

Party Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $5000,00 tournament

Titan Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $3,500 tournament

Poker Stars Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Full Tilt Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Absolute Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Remember Poker is a game of people playing cards. It often does not matter what cards you are dealt but how you play them!.

Have fun and win Money Playing Texas Holdem online!

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