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What is a FreeRoll Texas Holdem Tournament
Have you watched Texas Holdem on TV recently it is exciting and full of action here is how you can play in the exact same style of play online for cash prizes for free.

Several of the top Internet based card rooms will occasionally offer as a promotion a free No Limit Texas Holdem with thousands of dollars in cash prizes for free. These tourneys are fast paced and full.

The occasionally run these free tournaments, I recommend you sign up for any and all of these.

The only downside to entering these cash events is that there are normally a lot more entrants than say if you entered a $10 or $25 buy in event.

Below are links to free tournaments and how to play successfully in them these are the top 4 sites which currently have free rolls tourneys available today.

I recommend you play as many of the FreeRoll tournaments as possible before possibly playing for real money.

If you are new to Texas Holdem or Tournaments follow this basic strategy it will allow you to inmost play for an hour or more giving you real valuable playing experience you may catch a few card and even advance to the money.

Play only the these 2 starting cards Ace Ace, King King or Ace King, And lastly Queen Queen you will not play many hands but you will have a higher winning percentage and gain valuable experience.

When you click below for tournament entry which is free you will enter a user id and password to set up a player account, then you should go to the tourney tab at the top of the menu and you will see the FreeRoll time and cash prizes.

Take Advantage of the promotional no entry fee cash tournaments listed below. They offer cash prizes are free and you can also gain valuable tournament experience.

Log onto any of the site below and go to the tourney section then look for Freeroll! Have Fun, the top 3 sites with the least skilled players are listed first.

Full Tilt Tourney Free Texas Holdem $5000,00 tournament

Titan Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $3,500 tournament

Absolute Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Poker Room Tourney Free Texas Holdem $3,000.00 tournament

If you have a Macintosh computer go to there software does not require a download.

Basic strategy How to play in a tournament. All players are given an equal number of starting chips when the tournament begins. It is normally $1000 or $1500. In a no limit Texas holdem tournament you can bet none or all of your chips in any single hand. There is no thrill quite like pushing all you chips in the middle on a good hand on go to a showdown with another player.

The great aspect of FreeRoll tournaments is you have no risk but are involved in the same decisions as a real money tournament.

How to Trap your opponents in tourney play
When you have a great starting hand or even better after the flop, do not bet aggressively, you want your opponents to believe they have a better hand this is called trapping.

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