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To increase your winning percentage in Texas Holdem you will need to play different styles from aggressive to passive in relation to where you sit at the poker table.

Before you get into the exact specifics lets look at the big picture. If you are playing poker and you are the first to be dealt your 2 starting cards in a table of 9 players, and you are the first to bet, it makes sense that you should be more passive. You are not sure who will raise or limp into these hands. Play fewer hands in this position and do not play them as aggressively. If you hold one of the premium hands in this position, such as Ace Ace, King King, Ace King or Queen Queen it is best to make at least 1 raise. Your other hands you can play somewhat conservatively to see how the action progresses as the other players raise, check, call or fold.

Now On the other side, , when you are sitting at the dealer position or the button as it is called. Being last to act you can generally get a good picture of the type of possible hands held by your opponents by there actions, did they raise, check or call.

Visualize in your mind your position on the poker table as a clock. When the clock starts you in first position you should play the most conservatively, as the wheel turns towards the dealer and your position moves along with the wheel you should increase the amount of hands played along with how aggressively you play those hands.

Your position at the table is simply your position in relation to the dealer. The dealer is at the most advantageous position, as he/she gets to see how all the players at the table react before making their own decision.

The person to the left of the dealer is not only the small blind, but also must act first after the flop.

The person to the left of the small blind is the big blind. This person is already obligated to the game and is in another early position.

The person to the left of the big blind acts first before board cards are dealt. This is often referred to as “being under the gun”. The clockwise motion of play allows those who act later (in late position) to be at an advantage. As a result, those in late position can play weaker hands or “gambling hands” with less fear of financial obligation or loss.

The blind positions and the player under the gun (early positions) must be more selective with their hands, as they don’t have the privilege of watching other players betting/raising before they must decide if they want to stay in themselves.

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