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You have seen a pinball machine going on tilt. Lights flashing, alarms going off, buzzers blaring. There is a poker term Called “Bad Beat”. A Bad Beat is when you lose with a super hand, an example would be Aces full or better against a player who made a longshot draw.

The resulting beat causes the player to lose temporary mental capacity,(we are not joking here) and the term for this mental collapse is that the player has just gone on Tilt.

Even top ranked Poker Pro’s will go on tilt. The next hand played is where the player will make irrational plays such as go all in with a poor hand, or stay in a worthless hand for too many bets etc.

We can tell you one thing, this will happen to you too! How you react to this can save you alot of money.

It is harder than it sounds but if you are in a Texas Holdem Internet Game or Live Poker Game and just been hit with a bad beat, Push Back from the table and walk away.

Go to the bathroom or scream into a pillow, just say no to the next couple of hands played. Your sanity will return within a few minutes 

Remember Don’t double your losses on a Bad Beat, get up and walk away!

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Remember Poker is a game of people playing cards. It often does not matter what cards you are dealt but how you play them!.