Who to Play

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When you enter a game of Texas Holdem on an Internet Site you want to get a feel for the competition. To keep your bankroll, be very conservative for the first 8 to 10 hands you are dealt. Avoid games with lots of early pre and post flop raises. If you enter a room and see this happening, simply click your mouse to leave and join a different room. 

It will be become very apparent who is aggressive, loose or conservative.

Being a beginning or intermediate Texas Holdem play try not to get in any battles with Super Aggressive players. These players do make many mistakes, but it can be very costly when they hit their longshots. One of the smartest moves is to choose a site with the largest percentage of new players or one that is heavily advertised. We have added links to the 3 top site below with the most new signup’s daily along with the largest advertising budgets. We recommend before you make a real money deposit, join their free tournaments called freeroll’s this will allow you to get a feel for the graphics, layout and game play of the site with no financial risk.

Armed with your new knowledge you want to be at a table with a group of players who just finished watching ESPN World Series of Poker highlights. These players will be anxious to push their chips all in with similar hands which in most cases will lose.

Take Advantage of the promotional no entry fee cash tournaments listed below. They offer cash prizes are free and you can also gain valuable tournament experience.

Log onto any of the top sites below and go to the tournament section then look for Freeroll, Have Fun!

Party Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $5000,00 tournament

Titan Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $3,500 tournament

Poker Stars Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Full Tilt Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament

Absolute Poker Tourney Free Texas Holdem $4500.00 tournament